Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kiwi is home!

Hi everyone, I have arrived home safe and sound and was greeted at the door by
an old friend.
I have had such a fantastic time and all my host mums looked after me so well.
Here I am showing Emily all my little treasures which some of the host mums
gave to me on my journey.

My news is that on Easter Sunday I will be flying off overseas once again. This time inside of someone's luggage instead of a parcel.
Clare is going to Italy on a studen exchange for 3 weeks. We will go to Rome first and then to the island of Sardinia. Fantastic!!!
When I return Mum says she will organise the NZ leg of my journey before once again sending me off overseas to do another round of different countries.
I am going to enjoy being back home and kicking back for a while before I head off once again.