Friday, September 12, 2008

July 12 - July 31st

I was so lucky to go on a trip to the Netherlands with Andrea. She was happy to see her family and friends again, but so was I. I've been to The Netherlands twice before and I had some old friends to visit, too :D. We arrive on on July 13th and the weather was so nice. The sun was shining, the high humidity was gone and I enjoyed having some fresh air. One of the first things we did was going to the beach. The weather can change easily in Holland, so we had to take advantage of the sunny weather right away The way of living is also different from Taiwan. Most of the people live in houses with gardens.Andrea grew up in the province of Zeeland and her mom still lives in the same house where she grew up. This is the place where I stayed. Did you see all the sunflowers.....lovely! (pict 1) This is the garden. Mom, do you remember that I can make noise? I tried to get in contact with some local birds and guess what..... they were all curious to find out who I was. I told them all about my adventures and my hometown in New Zealand.'That was so much fun! (pict. 3) We've also been to "Miniature Walcheren". It shows the beauty of an area in Zeeland, Walcheren on a scale of 1:20. It was nice to see more of the area this way (pict. 006/0001(2) Furthermore whe have visited many friends, relaxed in the garden, walked around and enjoyed our time....lovely time!!!!!


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