Monday, July 14, 2008

Kiwi's Aussie Stay

Well, at last I found the photo cd so can add Kiwi's last leg of his aussie stay.
I think I am missing some story lines though as there are alot more photos here that dont match up with the diary entry. Bear with me and I will update when possible :)

April and May were very busy times here but I still had fun. One morning when I woke up, Crizle told me we were going to take the train into Brisbane. We had such a fun day together. we vistied the War Memorial , the Old Brisbane GPO and caught a ferry across to Southbank. At Southbank I sat on the beach for a while. I met a couple from Christchurch who told Crizle that Kiwi's dont swim. It was hot and I wanted to show her I could swim, but sadly she agreed with those human Kiwis.
We sat and watched all the boats on the river, and we went to the Temple built there for Expo 88. It is so beautiful with carved wood.
Stanthorpe is a small town up on the Darling Downs where the main thing is apple growing. I went on the Model T Weekend with my hosts and the first thing I saw was the beautiful yellow trees. It is a real AUtumn up there with night temps of 2c. I am now used to the nice heat of Ipswich, so I froze for a while. One morning I went bush walking and that was fun.
Another day the nice towns people who look after the museum cooked us all a special breakfast.

I sat on the warming plate. First time I had felt warm the entire weekend.I rode in a couple of old Model T's too. Now that was bumpy?
There was a sign on the road that said .... NO RABBITS! They are not allowed to have them in Queensland. Lucky me that they dont ban Kiwis too!
I have had a wondeful time and my hosts have loved having me with them.


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