Monday, April 21, 2008

My Dairy Australia

Hello everyone, I arrived in Australia on March 5th and was met by two Toy Voyagers, Roo and Hedgie who gave me a wonderful welcome.
I was glad to get out of my bubble wrap bed though.
We went out to look at the workmen. Crizle's street was being made like new. They had never had kurb and guttering but now they do and the machines the men used were so big.
I really wanted to ride in one, but I was content to look.

On 13th March we drove down to the Gold Coast and we stopped first at Labrador for fish and chips.
I played with the cheeky seagulls there, visited the pelicans, and later that day wandered about a huge shopping mall called Pacific Fair.
Then we went to our hotel called Crowne Plaza where we stayed on the 15th floor.
I loved the view from there.

Next day I was up early and went to the beach. That sand was so nice and smooth that I didn't want to leave.
It was Justin's Wedding but I didn't go, instead I waited in the hotel.

In the morning we went to Surfers Paradise to have breakfast with everyone else staying here and then took Uncle back to the airport.
A shame those photo's were too dark to see.
Later, we went to the border of NSW and QLD and I stood at Point danger looking out to sea.

Easter arrived and what a fun time that was.
I played with all the other toys and
We all got chocolate Easter eggs.
I ate way too much chocolate. Yum!

One day we went to Brisbane and bought a new little dog toy called Mira who has now gone on her travels and a wombat and a wombat called Wentworth who is going right across USA with our hosts friends.
I miss them so much and I am the only toy traveller here now.

Another day we drove up the coast road to visit friends and I sat on an old steam roller in the farm shed.
I was very disappointed I couldn't make it drive.
Everyone there gave me a big cuddle and said I sounded funny.

Our trip to the park was funny because I tried to play with the ducks but as soon as they heard my beautiful chirping, they ran away.
Too bad, I made friends with the turtles at Nerima Japanese Gardens and sat under a Grass Tree.
Then we went to another park to watch some kangaroos. At first they were curious but they too ran away when they heard my voice.
Silly 'roo's, I would have loved to play with them.

Till next time,
Love Kiwi.


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