Friday, February 29, 2008

New York City!

Hello again :) We've been to New York City a few times, but there's never enough time! We usually take the train from Long Island into Penn Station in Midtown, Manhattan. We took subway to the September 11 memorial, though it was difficult to see because of all the construction going on. There was a man there, sitting on the ground playing the song "Amazing Grace" on his flute, very pretty sounding. We went to Wall Street where we saw the New York Stock Exchange building with a huge American flag over it and Federal Hall. Federal Hall is where America's first president George Washington took the oath of office. It was also the home of the first Congress, Supreme Court and Executive offices.We went to Chinatown, what a busy place! Here, there are all kinds of goodies and people from places like China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and so fourth. There are fresh seafood and produce markets and so many far east restaurants, that you could eat at a different one every day for a year! Chinatown is a wonderful view...very colorful and so different from the rest of the city. After Chinatown we continued to Soho and parts of "Little Italy". We went down to Chelsea Pier where we saw the Brooklyn Bridge. Then to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. It looks so small from Battery Park! If it had been summertime, we would've gone to the island it stands on and Ellis Island on a ferry. We headed uptown on the Subway to Grand Central Station and the United Nations. While on the Subway, a man came in and started singing the song "I've Got Sunshine" while holding a McDonald's bag out to collect change from his audience of subway riders. Grand Central Station is really beautiful on the inside, unfortunately though, it is difficult to capture the beauty with a camera. The ceiling was originally painted by French artist Paul Cesar Helleu in 1912, but replaced in the 1930's and again in 1998. The ceiling display is astronomically decorated; the sky is "backwards" with backwards constellation, including Pisces. We walked down to the U.N. after admiring Grand Central for a while, but none of the flags were up so it wasn't too exciting :( because the U.N. building itself is pretty boring haha! We headed over to Times Square, passing by Rockefeller Center where there was ice skating, and flags! :) We passed 5th avenue. 5th ave is the place to go if you have a lot of money and want to spend it at trendy places like Saks, Coach, Louis Vuitton and the like. Times Square is a ZOO! There are so many people and depending on the time a day it is difficult to even move around the sidewalks! Cameras are constantly flashing and we're always bumping into people. Times Square is an amazing site, so much light! It has many, many, many places to shop and eat! There's a giant Hershey's store, MTV studios, Hard Rock Cafe and on and on and on! New York is quite an amazing city and I still have more to see! Now I'm off to Australia and hope it is a bit warmer than New York!


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This is sooo cool, Kiwi in New York, would have love to accompany him LOL
Anyway I'm glad he's alright


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