Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kiwis road trip

January 2008 We make our way from Houghton, Michigan, which is Heather's hometown, where we were visiting for Christmas. The roadtrip is long, but goes by quickly. We pass through many towns and cities, but we usually only pass through. Today we stopped in Madison, Wisconsin for the night. It took only six hours to get here, but it felt like much longer! In Madison, we went to a coffee shop that is also a winery, and we indulged on some sweet wine :) Also, we went to an amazing Indian restaurant called India Darbar, the food was DELICIOUS! After a night in Madison, we left early the next morning for Chicago, where we were lucky enough to arrive in the Chicago area just in time for Monday morning rush hour. It would normally take about 2 hours to go from Madison through Chicago, but it took us about 3.5 hours, what timing :) We by the stadium where the Chicago Cubs play. We also saw Chicago's L-train.Finally out of Chicago, we headed into Indiana. I helped drive in Indiana, but not for long as I kept getting distracted by fret trains and buildings I wanted to peek at. Ohio seemed to last forevvveerrrr....mostly flat farmland on the Ohio Turnpike. The Ohio Turnpike is our favorite because there are these little service islands so there's no need to get off the interstate if you need gas or food, so we stopped everytime we saw a Starbucks :) Next came Pennsylvania, the most mountainous state I've ever seen (but Heather said Vermont has mountains, too). Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, but takes a longgg time to get through. On the way to Michigan we drove through Pennsylvania at night so we couldn't see any of the views and it was quite scary driving through the mountains at night because it was difficult to see and we were constantly surround by semi-trucks. So it was nice to drive through Pennsylvania during the day on our way back to New York. We stopped at the Delaware Water Gap, just beautiful! A picture can't even capture it's beauty. Next, we get to New Jersey, but we're only in this state for a very short period of time and on the way through there isn't much to look at haha, at least not from the road, and we were so anxious to get back to Long Island! I will send more pictures soon!Heather


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