Friday, November 16, 2007

My final Entry before heading to New York

Hi Mum,

I am finishing up my final correspondence to you before leaving Arizona. I had mentioned giant dinosaurs earlier. I am not one to disappoint my Mum. We stopped at a massive roadside attraction at Cabazon, California on our way to Disneyland. We stopped again on our way back home. Here I am in the mouth of a dinosaurs that advertises the world's only gift shop in a dinosaurs belly.
Here is a picture of the Dinosaurs we stopped to see. As you can see they really are giants. I am not in this picture but I wanted you to see what I did that day. The gift shop is in the belly of the one nearest to you in the picture. There are steps that lead up into his belly where one can purchase dinosaurs related items. If you want more information just look at the Wikipedia website & search for Cabazon Dinosaurs.

I bring this to a close with one final photograph of myself. I am shown here with something Mary's Mum made for her Grandaughters to remember my visit with. This is a fabric panel map of the world. The border says Kiwi's First World Tour & then goes on to list the arrival date &place of my travels. Since I have been to some countries more than once, Mary's Mum & brother used silver buttons to designate each country I have been hosted in. All of the addresses of the same country have buttons that match the buttons on the map. When I visited Elizabeth classroom with Mary & her Grandmother we showed this to the class. Even though they were very young, they thought it was pretty neat. Now it hangs on the wall of the kids playroom at Mary's house.

Mum, Mary added one of the voided passes for Disneyland to my necklace. That is what that big huge thing is on my neck in this picture.

My next stop is in New York state. Until I arrive I bid you farewell.




Blogger pastilla said...

Note to Mum:

Please let me know if you would like to have an exchange student stay with you:

We would be happy to host Kiwi in the California Redwoods, or take him with us to British Columbia.

Sincerely, Pastilla the Mannequin

11:49 AM  

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