Friday, November 16, 2007

My final day in California,

Hi Mum!

Our final day in California we went to the Farmer's Market. It was interesting & it was a great place to get postcards & eat, but nothing was really picture worthy. After that we headed to Hollywood Boulevard.

As we exited the area for the Kodak Theatre, we were greeted by people dressed in various costumes. They were ALL wanting to take pictures with us! Sponge Bob Squarepants caught the girls attention first so we headed toward him. As soon as the picture was taken we hear an annoying voice from inside saying "Have it REAAADEE!" & he was rubbing his fingers together. He was asking for MONEY for having allowed Mary to take the picture of him with her family! There were no signs anywhere saying that they wanted money. I really thought it was rude Mum. Rude of the characters that is. Tourist beware on the Walk of Fame.

After that we headed down the street for the Chinese Theatre. We wanted to see signatures, hand prints & footprints of famous people in the cement. It was blocked due to some movie premiere that was about to happen. I think it was a movie premiere anyway. We crossed the street & started looking down at the various stars. here I am with the star at the beginning of the Walk of Fame. Stars are awarded to people, TV Characters & Animation Characters in 5 categories. They are Television, Radio, Recording, Live Theatre and Film. Here I am with the Walk of Fame Star.

I saw a odd but beautiful ATM machine at the Mann Chinese Theatre. Mary says this is not the normal ATM machine in the USA. We both thought it is cool so I sat there & posed for this shot. It is an Automated Teller Machine that you can put a bank card into & get money out. Mum, I had never seen such a thing in my short life.
I mentioned this place earlier. Here I am in front of the Kodak Theatre. If it sounds familiar it is because this is where the Academy Awards are presented yearly in Hollywood. There wasn't anything happening when we were there though.

I need to go right now. It is lunch time. They feed me very well at this house. I even got to eat some Halloween candy! YUMMY!

I'll write again after lunch.



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