Friday, November 16, 2007

My final Entry before heading to New York

Hi Mum,

I am finishing up my final correspondence to you before leaving Arizona. I had mentioned giant dinosaurs earlier. I am not one to disappoint my Mum. We stopped at a massive roadside attraction at Cabazon, California on our way to Disneyland. We stopped again on our way back home. Here I am in the mouth of a dinosaurs that advertises the world's only gift shop in a dinosaurs belly.
Here is a picture of the Dinosaurs we stopped to see. As you can see they really are giants. I am not in this picture but I wanted you to see what I did that day. The gift shop is in the belly of the one nearest to you in the picture. There are steps that lead up into his belly where one can purchase dinosaurs related items. If you want more information just look at the Wikipedia website & search for Cabazon Dinosaurs.

I bring this to a close with one final photograph of myself. I am shown here with something Mary's Mum made for her Grandaughters to remember my visit with. This is a fabric panel map of the world. The border says Kiwi's First World Tour & then goes on to list the arrival date &place of my travels. Since I have been to some countries more than once, Mary's Mum & brother used silver buttons to designate each country I have been hosted in. All of the addresses of the same country have buttons that match the buttons on the map. When I visited Elizabeth classroom with Mary & her Grandmother we showed this to the class. Even though they were very young, they thought it was pretty neat. Now it hangs on the wall of the kids playroom at Mary's house.

Mum, Mary added one of the voided passes for Disneyland to my necklace. That is what that big huge thing is on my neck in this picture.

My next stop is in New York state. Until I arrive I bid you farewell.



My final day in California,

Hi Mum!

Our final day in California we went to the Farmer's Market. It was interesting & it was a great place to get postcards & eat, but nothing was really picture worthy. After that we headed to Hollywood Boulevard.

As we exited the area for the Kodak Theatre, we were greeted by people dressed in various costumes. They were ALL wanting to take pictures with us! Sponge Bob Squarepants caught the girls attention first so we headed toward him. As soon as the picture was taken we hear an annoying voice from inside saying "Have it REAAADEE!" & he was rubbing his fingers together. He was asking for MONEY for having allowed Mary to take the picture of him with her family! There were no signs anywhere saying that they wanted money. I really thought it was rude Mum. Rude of the characters that is. Tourist beware on the Walk of Fame.

After that we headed down the street for the Chinese Theatre. We wanted to see signatures, hand prints & footprints of famous people in the cement. It was blocked due to some movie premiere that was about to happen. I think it was a movie premiere anyway. We crossed the street & started looking down at the various stars. here I am with the star at the beginning of the Walk of Fame. Stars are awarded to people, TV Characters & Animation Characters in 5 categories. They are Television, Radio, Recording, Live Theatre and Film. Here I am with the Walk of Fame Star.

I saw a odd but beautiful ATM machine at the Mann Chinese Theatre. Mary says this is not the normal ATM machine in the USA. We both thought it is cool so I sat there & posed for this shot. It is an Automated Teller Machine that you can put a bank card into & get money out. Mum, I had never seen such a thing in my short life.
I mentioned this place earlier. Here I am in front of the Kodak Theatre. If it sounds familiar it is because this is where the Academy Awards are presented yearly in Hollywood. There wasn't anything happening when we were there though.

I need to go right now. It is lunch time. They feed me very well at this house. I even got to eat some Halloween candy! YUMMY!

I'll write again after lunch.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Disney land 2nd installment

Hi Mum,

Back from dinner & I'm stuffed!

Disneyland had a display about "Dia de los Muertos" or also known as "Day of the Dead". It is celebrated on All Saints Day (Nov 1) & All Souls Day (Nov 2). People that celebrate this holiday believe that death is not the end of our connection with others & that love goes beyond the grave. This is the type of display people that celebrate "Day of the Dead" would traditionally create in honor of their loved ones. It is full of bright colors because it is considered to be a happy celebration

We went to Toontown in Disneyland for 2 reasons. One was to mail a postcard to my family in New Zealand. Here I am with the card & mailbox in Toontown. Mary had to stop a kid from opening the mailbox & putting the card AND me inside of it! She was successful & I managed to stay OUT of the mailbox. Did you get my card yet?

The OTHER reason we went to Toontown was to see Mickey Mouse! We got to see him, take pictures with him & explore his home. He lives next door to Minnie.

When we toured Minnies house I saw this in the kitchen. I thought Minnie had left a snack out just for me, until I sat at the table. Mary had to read the note to me. It said, "Please try my special "diet" cookies! Humorously Yours, Minnie". Diet cookies? Mum what are those? I was HUUUNGRY! There was no tea either! I sure hope she feeds Mickey better than she fed me.

All in all, I had a great time at Disneyland. If I couldn't go on a ride, I was on Mary's shoulder in her backpack. I got to see many characters, go on lots of rides & usually I was riding around on top of the stroller. They used special plastic links to keep track of me when I was riding on the stroller so I wouldn't get lost.

Did you notice that I am not wearing my necklace in the pictures? Well, we left it at the house so it wouldn't get lost or broken. I am wearing it with pride right now.

Tomorrow I will tell you about how I got to see giant dinosaurs at Cabazon. I even got to sit in ones mouth! I will also show you some pictures of me on Hollywood Blvd.

For now, it is time for bed.




HI there Mum,

Long time no write. Sorry about that. October was kind of a hard month for Mary & her family. Mary & both her little ones got really sick. They got better just in time for our trip to California.

We spent 3 days at the Disneyland & California Adventure theme parks. Here I am on the new Nemo ride in Tomorrowland. I saw Nemo, Marlin, Bruce & even Crush! The sub was crowded but it was still fun. The girls LOVED it.
On the first day at Disney, we had early entry. It got into the park an hour before general admission tickets did. In one hour I got to ride Snow White's Scary Adventures, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride & the Carousel. This is Elizabeth & I.

Right after this we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean & the Haunted Mansion. It was almost impossible to get pictures of me on most of the rides because they are very dark & the park doesn't allow cameras to be used with flashes in most the rides.

We went to the Princess Faire to get pictures with some of the characters. Here I am with Snow White & Mulan. They were REALLY busy & the Princesses were in a hurry, but when Mary told them I was visiting from new Zealand AND that I had my own website, they understood why Mary wanted pictures of us. :-)

I'll write more after dinner!