Saturday, September 29, 2007

second installment of musuem trip

Hi Mum,

Remember how I told you I got to play with dinosaurs? Well these are the toy dinosaurs I played with at the museum.
Now on to what I saw in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Mesa has many sculptures scattered on both sides of its main street. They host an outdoor sculpture show that goes on for several months each fall & winter. They purchase some sculptures for permanent exhibit & some are donated as well. We didn't see all of them but I got my picture taken with 2. Here I am with the Mama bear & cubs sculpture.

Here I am sitting on the "Big Pink Chair" sculpture. It may look soft, but it is not. It's actually a little itchy.

I also got to ride on small carousel horse. It was outside in front of an antique shop. The horse didn't move but I still liked it. I thought the horse was very pretty with the painted flowers & the silver mane, tail & hooves.

A few days later I got my picture taken with a couple of kids. They were waiting for some National Guard troops to come home. They let me stand with their flag & a big "Thank You" sign on their parents car. When the Guard gets shipped out it affects a lot of people in many towns in the USA. This is just one of the ways these towns show support for their troops. Mary told them about my travels & they said Mary could take the picture & send it on to you for to post on my website.

I am really enjoying being a world traveller. Thank you for sending me on this wonderful adventure.

I'll write again soon Mum!




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