Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hi Mum!

I arrived from Canada toward the end of August & was exhausted from my trip. I arrived to find two little girls & my host. All of them were excited that I had arrived. The oldest girl was the most excited. She squealed so loud that my beak nearly curled up!

The night I arrived was "meet the teacher" night at her school. She insisted on taking me to meet her teacher. I got to see the classroom she spends her days in as well as the library. Her teacher even invited me to spend a day at school before I leave again. Do you think I should spend the day at school Mum?
My host has 2 cats & bunch of fish. The black cat is named Salem. The gray cat is named Adagio. Adagio sniffed me once & hasn't paid any attention to me since. Salem sniffed me & keeps ON sniffing me! He sure is a curious kitty. I think he wants me to play with him. I can't because I am busy being showered with attention from my host family.I was sleeping with the oldest girl but after the first night her Mum said I had to sleep alone. WHY? Well I was being noisy while the girl would sleep. Now I sleep nestled in a cozy bag on top of the kitchen counter. Just my little beak sticks out.

I'll write more very soon Mum!




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