Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2nd installment of the museum trip

Hey There Mum,

Let me finished telling you about the museum now. After I sat inside the meteorite, we saw the portion of the museum dedicated to movies & movie making Arizona. There was an entire room with props from movies like this here stagecoach. It also had movie posters on the walls as well as a booth that you could see yourself in front of a blue screen. They use blue screens to be able add computer generated effects after the scenes have been shot.

All of the exhibits here are permanent with the exception of one. This was part of the changing exhibit which featured alligators, crocodiles & snapping turtles. There was a big cement croc in a fake pond that was life sized. I saw a map with higlighted areas of the habitat of the American Crocodile. Here I am pictured with the exhibit croc named Elvis. They asked that people not throw any coins into the top of his tank. He is behind glass in the photo so I was perfectly safe here mum. Mary took pictures of me with the snapping turtle & the map but they didn't turn out very well. They have something that is REALLY cool here too. Every half an hour or so this place has a real flash flood! It is a 3 story display that has mechanical dinosaurs that move & roar as well as plant life of the time when they dinosaurs roamed the earth. It starts out with thunder & lightening near the top of the display. Before you know it here comes the rushing water. We were standing at the bottom & we got a little bit wet.

After that we looked at few more dinosaurs, did puzzles, colored dinosaur pictures & played with toy dinosaurs in the kids activity area. Right before we left, Elizabeth & I compared our feet to the big plastic dinosaur track of a Southwestern Hadrosaur.

That was about it for the museum. We left, had a picnic lunch & toured part of downtown Mesa, Arizona on foot. I'll you about that next time.

Until then much love to you Mum!




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