Saturday, September 29, 2007

second installment of musuem trip

Hi Mum,

Remember how I told you I got to play with dinosaurs? Well these are the toy dinosaurs I played with at the museum.
Now on to what I saw in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Mesa has many sculptures scattered on both sides of its main street. They host an outdoor sculpture show that goes on for several months each fall & winter. They purchase some sculptures for permanent exhibit & some are donated as well. We didn't see all of them but I got my picture taken with 2. Here I am with the Mama bear & cubs sculpture.

Here I am sitting on the "Big Pink Chair" sculpture. It may look soft, but it is not. It's actually a little itchy.

I also got to ride on small carousel horse. It was outside in front of an antique shop. The horse didn't move but I still liked it. I thought the horse was very pretty with the painted flowers & the silver mane, tail & hooves.

A few days later I got my picture taken with a couple of kids. They were waiting for some National Guard troops to come home. They let me stand with their flag & a big "Thank You" sign on their parents car. When the Guard gets shipped out it affects a lot of people in many towns in the USA. This is just one of the ways these towns show support for their troops. Mary told them about my travels & they said Mary could take the picture & send it on to you for to post on my website.

I am really enjoying being a world traveller. Thank you for sending me on this wonderful adventure.

I'll write again soon Mum!



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2nd installment of the museum trip

Hey There Mum,

Let me finished telling you about the museum now. After I sat inside the meteorite, we saw the portion of the museum dedicated to movies & movie making Arizona. There was an entire room with props from movies like this here stagecoach. It also had movie posters on the walls as well as a booth that you could see yourself in front of a blue screen. They use blue screens to be able add computer generated effects after the scenes have been shot.

All of the exhibits here are permanent with the exception of one. This was part of the changing exhibit which featured alligators, crocodiles & snapping turtles. There was a big cement croc in a fake pond that was life sized. I saw a map with higlighted areas of the habitat of the American Crocodile. Here I am pictured with the exhibit croc named Elvis. They asked that people not throw any coins into the top of his tank. He is behind glass in the photo so I was perfectly safe here mum. Mary took pictures of me with the snapping turtle & the map but they didn't turn out very well. They have something that is REALLY cool here too. Every half an hour or so this place has a real flash flood! It is a 3 story display that has mechanical dinosaurs that move & roar as well as plant life of the time when they dinosaurs roamed the earth. It starts out with thunder & lightening near the top of the display. Before you know it here comes the rushing water. We were standing at the bottom & we got a little bit wet.

After that we looked at few more dinosaurs, did puzzles, colored dinosaur pictures & played with toy dinosaurs in the kids activity area. Right before we left, Elizabeth & I compared our feet to the big plastic dinosaur track of a Southwestern Hadrosaur.

That was about it for the museum. We left, had a picnic lunch & toured part of downtown Mesa, Arizona on foot. I'll you about that next time.

Until then much love to you Mum!



Monday, September 10, 2007

A museum trip!

Hi Mum,

Mary & her family took me to see the Mesa Desert Southwest Museum last weekend. This place has one of the largest collections of Dinosaur bones in the South Western United States! Once we got inside I saw my first dinosaur skeleton. It was of T Rex! He is GINORMUS MUM! He has really big scary teeth. He actually looked hungry.

After we saw mean ol T Rex we went outside for a bit. I got to pan for gold like the miners did in the old west. It takes a long time to find gold mum. We worked hard & the girls got very wet. I didn't get wet because I was careful. After we finished I was told it wasn't even REAL gold. We were paning for pyrite, better know as fools gold. I was nice & gave mine to Elizabeth. If you look really close you may be able to see the little pieces of gold on the left side of my pan. It was a lot of fun.

Next I got to sit on a Saguaro Cactus. You know I can't fly so Mary's dad put me in the cactus. I was far off the ground. Then I was told I was sitting on the arm of a small Saguaro. They are the size of trees when full grown & are considered to be an endangered plant species. The largest Saguaro is 13.8 m tall and has a girth of 3.1 m. These plants are 75 years old before they grow an arm & can live for more than 150 years. Their only natural habitat is in certain elevations of the Sonoran Desert. If you destroy, move or even just shoot one of these plants in Arizona you can go to jail!

I got to spend a few minutes in "jail" at the museum. Here I am with Mary & Charlotte. We were only in here long enough to get our picture taken by Mary's dad. I didn't like it & neither did Charlotte. I guess you could call us "jail birds" in this picture. Thank goodness we were able to get out fast.

Here I am inside of a replica of the Tuscon Meteorite. There is an entire section of this place dedicated to different kinds of minerals & things that are mined in Arizona. The real Tuscon meteorite was moved to the Smithsonian Museum in 1863. it is unusual in both size & composition. It is said that Tuscon blacksmiths used the meteorite as an anvil due to it's metallic content.

There was SO much to see here at this museum mum. We spent most of the day here & I learned a lot of stuff. This fall this museum is being renamed the Arizona Museum of Natural History. I can't even tell you about everything I saw in this entry. It's getting late & I'm tired.

I'll write again very soon.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hi Mum!

I arrived from Canada toward the end of August & was exhausted from my trip. I arrived to find two little girls & my host. All of them were excited that I had arrived. The oldest girl was the most excited. She squealed so loud that my beak nearly curled up!

The night I arrived was "meet the teacher" night at her school. She insisted on taking me to meet her teacher. I got to see the classroom she spends her days in as well as the library. Her teacher even invited me to spend a day at school before I leave again. Do you think I should spend the day at school Mum?
My host has 2 cats & bunch of fish. The black cat is named Salem. The gray cat is named Adagio. Adagio sniffed me once & hasn't paid any attention to me since. Salem sniffed me & keeps ON sniffing me! He sure is a curious kitty. I think he wants me to play with him. I can't because I am busy being showered with attention from my host family.I was sleeping with the oldest girl but after the first night her Mum said I had to sleep alone. WHY? Well I was being noisy while the girl would sleep. Now I sleep nestled in a cozy bag on top of the kitchen counter. Just my little beak sticks out.

I'll write more very soon Mum!