Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Canada OH canada!

Hi! Mum
June 25, 2007 I arrived in Canada on a hot sunny day in Hamilton, Ontario.
I'm a big hit already, with my new hosts fighting over me. They showed me their skull collection and postcards.

We went for a walk and passed the military museum where I got to sit on a cannon from the War of 1812. Don't worry ! It doesn't work. Look close Mum and you can see me on the steps of Dundurn Castle. Well it's going to be a very hot the next couple of days, 33C with a smog alert, so I won't be doing much . Next week We will be visiting either Toronto or Niagara Falls. I'll take lots of pictures .Bye

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kiwis update

Hey mum!

Here's the last update from the Netherlands before going on with my tour!
It has been a quiet period as Lindy had lots of stuff to do as they're planning on moving.

Last week we celebrated her birthday; around "Coffee-time" 10 am we drank coffee and a huge piece of pie! :)
And then Dennis, her boyfriend had 'kidnapped' her for the celebration, we had to leave right away to an unknown destination. In the hurry we forgot the camera so we couldn't make pictures of the whole celebration thing.
We had a great champagne brunch and after that her family came over and we had a great time! I made lots of new friends and they all love me mum :)

Then on Wednesday Lindy took an hour off from work to show me the famous "Red Light District" in Amsterdam... Lindy told me it's a place where many tourists come for (and the coffee shops ofcourse).
But we've decided not to make any pictures nor to send one to you mummy because, well, the women there are not really dressed for the occasion and it would be better not to publish it.
If you want you can always Google for Red Light District, if you really want to know what it is!

Now I'm packing my stuff again and will be going to Canada very soon.

I love you mum :)