Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello again

Hi mum!

This week has been very busy for Lindy but still she managed to find time to show me some interesting places.
Lindy works at an administration office as bookkeeper and she took me to her work to show me what she does all day.

This is the street where the office is located, it's just behind the Royal Palace at the Dam-square. The blue building is called "Vrankrijk" (also Vrance but with V instead of F), it's a notorious squatter building right next to her office. Just some weeks ago the youth of ETA came there for an international meeting!
She told me I could be telephonist for the day if I wanted but I thought it would be better not as my dictionary isn't so big yet... I can only talk Kiwi language :)
In the morning she found some time to teach me how to do bookkeeping. Wow, it looks so difficult and I can tell you it's not easy to be a good bookkeeper! After about half an hour I was still clueless of what to do..
After a long and exhausting day at the office we walked back to the trainstation via de Dam-square where was a fair going on :) Because we didn't had much time we only made a tour in the ferrieswheel. Also we saw the Dam-monument and there where thousands of pigeons and people enjoying the sun.
Then we finally arrived at the trainstation. I really had a great time as there where so many trains there, we even saw the Thalys (the super-fast train from Amsterdam to Paris) and the ICE (from Amsterdam to Frankfurt) but didn't had time to take a picture of them as ours was about to leave, we where right in time.
Lindy managed to take some pictures of me before I fell a sleep in the train. I was so tired of the whole day that I kept sleeping untill the next day.

Well, that's all for now. I hope to e-mail you very soon again with new pictures and adventures!

Bye bye mummie!


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