Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back in The Netherlands!

Hey mum!

A few days ago I arrived in the Netherlands, again, but this time I stay with a new host: Lindy, you'll know her as bontkwagga. After I arrived I went off to bed as quick as possible as I was exhausted from my trip from Iceland to here. I've heard there was a huge sea-accident before between UK and Iceland and I'm so glad I wasn't in there!
The first days here in Maarssen where really relaxing, Lindy gave me time to get used to her house and cats as they where a little curious and afraid of me. Minou was the first who welcomed me but as soon as she discovered my 'button', the others; Sharmila & Vigo didn't dare to come near me... I fellt a little sad...
Then on Friday evening Lindy and her friend Brenda took me to the movie Shooter. As we where a little early we decided to drink some coffee first at a nice city-cafe in the innercity of Utrecht which was really nice as they served great cappuchino and there where many Dutch papers and magazines for me to read. Yes, I've learned some Dutch during my trip :-)
Then we went back to the cinema, there I saw this so cool movie poster and I just had to go and take a picture of me with the poster. Then we took place at a good seat as we where free to choose. The movie was really good, sometimes a little scary as there where many guns and boms but I did really enjoy it in the end.

The movie ended at 11:30 pm and then we had to run to catch the last train home... luckily Lindy runs very fast so we made it just in time!
I'm not sure what we're going to do this weekend as Lindy said she didn't knew either. So I'll just let me surprise myself!
Bye mum, I'll try to let you know more about my stay here as soon as possible.

Big kiss from Kiwi & Lindy


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