Monday, February 05, 2007

Kiwi and the Bears

Hi Mom,

So sorry for not writing so long. Letje has been so busy redecorating the house. But I'm OK, really, I had a great time overhere, helped painting and stuff. Got friends with the dogs and cat and saw lots of the neighbourhood. We have been shopping in a very large shop, man they had lots and lots of stuff down there. We have been to Ikea, where Letje bought some liquerice to send to you with Delila big sister. And I finally had my photo taken with some of the bears. Not all of them, there are so many. But the 2 on the photo I thought were really special. One is made out of a postagebag, Letje made this bear herself. Thought it was nice to have this bear next to me on the photo cause I'm travelling by mail :) The other bear is a whole other story. His name is Wombles, also made by Letje a few years ago. And he also has travelled around Europe. And everywhere he came Letje bought him a little souvenir to put on his jacket. He has also visited the apes on Gibraltar. Look at the little bag he is having with him, there is lots of stuff in there :)
Well Letje bought me some tiny woodenshoes, as a little souvenir she said. Love them :)
I will be on my way tomorrow Letje said, so I will be preparing myself for a trip to Iceland. It seems to be very cold outthere, I think I need some warm socks LOL

Bye for now, hope to arrive soon in Iceland

Kiwi ( and Letje)


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Blogger Mary said...

Wow Kiwi,

it sure sounds like you are having fun!

I know my oldest is looking forward to meeting you.

I am as well.

Happy Travelling!

9:02 AM  

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