Monday, January 15, 2007

Kiwi's stay in Assen

Hi Mom,

I'm having a great time overhere.
Letje took me into town to the Drenths statue Bartje. There was a tv serie around this little guy in the 70's. It was a little farmer's boy who didn't want to eat brown beans. When the have to eat it he always said "I don't pray for brown beans" Bartje's statue is standing just in front of the local museum. I'm sitting on his head LOL
Last week we have been repainting a bedroom. It is going to be an office for my fosterparents, so they are painting it all white, one wall is going to be old grey Letje said. Anyway I could help a bit Letje said, and so did the cat Jones. He liked me :) he looks like a black panther, but I was not afraid of him. I didn't touch the paint though, Letje said it would be a shame if I would be covered in white paint. So I just supervised the whole situation.

Letje wanted to buy some boots, Australian boots she said. The shop was about a 20 k's drive and she took me into the shop. The people wanted to know who I was so Letje told them what was going on, and she could take a photo of me with some shoes. The shop people liked my travel story and said I looked very nice, well ofcourse I do LOL

On our way back Letje stopped at a restaurant where there is a big locomotive. Wow that was a big one, and she put me on it to have my photo taken. Don't you think I look cool on the big thing??? I really felt cool though.

We also did some shopping in the supermarket and I some kiwi fruit. Letje immediately took my photo, all the people looked at us but Letje said she didn't care what they thought. It would be cool to have my photo taken in the middle of all those Kiwi's.

So you see Mom, I'm doing fine, having a good time, I'll keep in touch bye bye

luv ya

Kiwi (and Letje)

((NOTE from Christine, I have been trying 6 times now to upload the kiwifruit image, it simply wont let me do so, I will come back and try again next time))


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