Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kiwi's "Operation"

Hi Mom,

Just a quicky from me Kiwi. When I arrived here last week, Letje saw one of my toenails was broken. Well it didn't hurt that much, just a tiny bit. But she insisted she could "stitch" it up again. Letje has been a beardoctor you see, she told me, she has lots and lots of bears she made herself. So I wasn't scared at all, she said it wouldn't hurt a bit. And it didn't, she made me all well again. But it was still a little operation so I wanted a little bandaid on my toe, just in case you know. But I'm OK mom, really no worries :)

When I took a look around I suddenly saw Kanga's brother Joey, ofcourse I wanted to have my photo taken with him. But there was also this big sista of Delila, she acted a little silly and climbed on my shoulders LOL silly froggie.
Letje will send the photos ofcourse. And I 'll ask her if I can have my photo taken with the bears before I go on my way.

Tadaa see ya :)

Kiwi ( and letje)


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