Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kiwi's arrival in Assen

Hi Mom :)

I arrived at Assen today with a lovely mailman who handled me very nice. I had a great trip, I travelled in a big shoebox so lots of space during my travel through the country. It wasn't such a long trip this time but still exciting.
Letje told me we are going to have some sweetroot tea, just to relax a bit she said, after my travels. Dunno what is coming next but she told me we were going to a shop where they sell Australian shoes "Blundstones" so that is going to be almost near to home :) :)
Letje made a photo of me, popping out of the box, and she was soooo surprised. I was a cool looking bird she said, and she immediately said she would love to have a brother/sister of mine coming to live at her place. So mom I think your gonna expect a mail from her really soon for som kinda swapthingy :)
Well I'm doing fine and can't wait to go travelling around with Letje. Oh she has a couple of pets, dunno if I like them but I will meet them shortly I think :)

Love Kiwi


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