Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi everybody!!! How were you holidays? First I have had a great christmas with my host. We celebrated it the 24nd of december at night. My host and her family gave a lot of presesnts to each other. I loved to see how much they care for eachther.
First christmas day my host celebrated christmas with her boyfriends family.I stayed at home, because I was very tired of all the excitment :)The 2nd christmas day it was my hosts birthday.
She received again a lot of presents and a lot of love. The went also to the casino that day, but I had to stay home cause I'm not old enough to enter the casino. When they went to the casino, I looked through the present my host received. Some things are not in the picture, cause she allready was wearing them :)The christmas days were a lot of fun here in the Netherlands! I also celebrated New Year with my host. She had bought firework. When it was midnight, my host went outside with her friends and family to play with firework.To be honest, I was afraid, so I stayed inside with my hosts mother and her dog. They were also afraid.The next morning I looked outside, and the street was all red from the firework. Now the holidays are over. I'm glad because I was so excited of everything , that I was tired most of the time. Tough, it was a lovely periode.My host is going to send me to my next host. She says that my next host also lives in the Netherlands. Lucky me, cause I like it here and I don't want to leave the country yet. Well, I'm saying goodbye to this house, and wil travel further with all the good memories.
Thank you Kathy, you and your friends/family have been very nice to me. You have a warm house. Maybe we'll see eachother again :):) xxx Kiwi


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