Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kiwi's "Operation"

Hi Mom,

Just a quicky from me Kiwi. When I arrived here last week, Letje saw one of my toenails was broken. Well it didn't hurt that much, just a tiny bit. But she insisted she could "stitch" it up again. Letje has been a beardoctor you see, she told me, she has lots and lots of bears she made herself. So I wasn't scared at all, she said it wouldn't hurt a bit. And it didn't, she made me all well again. But it was still a little operation so I wanted a little bandaid on my toe, just in case you know. But I'm OK mom, really no worries :)

When I took a look around I suddenly saw Kanga's brother Joey, ofcourse I wanted to have my photo taken with him. But there was also this big sista of Delila, she acted a little silly and climbed on my shoulders LOL silly froggie.
Letje will send the photos ofcourse. And I 'll ask her if I can have my photo taken with the bears before I go on my way.

Tadaa see ya :)

Kiwi ( and letje)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Kiwi's stay in Assen

Hi Mom,

I'm having a great time overhere.
Letje took me into town to the Drenths statue Bartje. There was a tv serie around this little guy in the 70's. It was a little farmer's boy who didn't want to eat brown beans. When the have to eat it he always said "I don't pray for brown beans" Bartje's statue is standing just in front of the local museum. I'm sitting on his head LOL
Last week we have been repainting a bedroom. It is going to be an office for my fosterparents, so they are painting it all white, one wall is going to be old grey Letje said. Anyway I could help a bit Letje said, and so did the cat Jones. He liked me :) he looks like a black panther, but I was not afraid of him. I didn't touch the paint though, Letje said it would be a shame if I would be covered in white paint. So I just supervised the whole situation.

Letje wanted to buy some boots, Australian boots she said. The shop was about a 20 k's drive and she took me into the shop. The people wanted to know who I was so Letje told them what was going on, and she could take a photo of me with some shoes. The shop people liked my travel story and said I looked very nice, well ofcourse I do LOL

On our way back Letje stopped at a restaurant where there is a big locomotive. Wow that was a big one, and she put me on it to have my photo taken. Don't you think I look cool on the big thing??? I really felt cool though.

We also did some shopping in the supermarket and I some kiwi fruit. Letje immediately took my photo, all the people looked at us but Letje said she didn't care what they thought. It would be cool to have my photo taken in the middle of all those Kiwi's.

So you see Mom, I'm doing fine, having a good time, I'll keep in touch bye bye

luv ya

Kiwi (and Letje)

((NOTE from Christine, I have been trying 6 times now to upload the kiwifruit image, it simply wont let me do so, I will come back and try again next time))

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kiwi's arrival in Assen

Hi Mom :)

I arrived at Assen today with a lovely mailman who handled me very nice. I had a great trip, I travelled in a big shoebox so lots of space during my travel through the country. It wasn't such a long trip this time but still exciting.
Letje told me we are going to have some sweetroot tea, just to relax a bit she said, after my travels. Dunno what is coming next but she told me we were going to a shop where they sell Australian shoes "Blundstones" so that is going to be almost near to home :) :)
Letje made a photo of me, popping out of the box, and she was soooo surprised. I was a cool looking bird she said, and she immediately said she would love to have a brother/sister of mine coming to live at her place. So mom I think your gonna expect a mail from her really soon for som kinda swapthingy :)
Well I'm doing fine and can't wait to go travelling around with Letje. Oh she has a couple of pets, dunno if I like them but I will meet them shortly I think :)

Love Kiwi

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi everybody!!! How were you holidays? First I have had a great christmas with my host. We celebrated it the 24nd of december at night. My host and her family gave a lot of presesnts to each other. I loved to see how much they care for eachther.
First christmas day my host celebrated christmas with her boyfriends family.I stayed at home, because I was very tired of all the excitment :)The 2nd christmas day it was my hosts birthday.
She received again a lot of presents and a lot of love. The went also to the casino that day, but I had to stay home cause I'm not old enough to enter the casino. When they went to the casino, I looked through the present my host received. Some things are not in the picture, cause she allready was wearing them :)The christmas days were a lot of fun here in the Netherlands! I also celebrated New Year with my host. She had bought firework. When it was midnight, my host went outside with her friends and family to play with firework.To be honest, I was afraid, so I stayed inside with my hosts mother and her dog. They were also afraid.The next morning I looked outside, and the street was all red from the firework. Now the holidays are over. I'm glad because I was so excited of everything , that I was tired most of the time. Tough, it was a lovely periode.My host is going to send me to my next host. She says that my next host also lives in the Netherlands. Lucky me, cause I like it here and I don't want to leave the country yet. Well, I'm saying goodbye to this house, and wil travel further with all the good memories.
Thank you Kathy, you and your friends/family have been very nice to me. You have a warm house. Maybe we'll see eachother again :):) xxx Kiwi