Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hello everybody, I arrived safe in The Netherlands last week.It was a short trip from Germany to here. My host gave me a warm welcome. It was a little shock to see what the weather is here. I thought around this time of the year it would be very cold here. But it's not cold at all. Some days it's even above the 20 degrees. My host said that she doesn't understand it either. And she's a little bit sad about it, because she wants to see snow. Well, my host has a busy live, so I made it myself comfortable. When she was at school I looked through her perfumes. It all smelled lovely :):)

I also watch everyday to the cards on the door. What beautifull cards. I even saw a brother of mine on a card. It feels like home when I see all those cards, especially the New Zealand card :)

My host made me a bed on the first day of my arrival. I can sleep above her in my very own bed. But sometimes when I'm a little bit scared or lonely, I sleep next to my host. She doesn't mind at all, lucky me :)

Well, my host promissed me to take me out soon, and when we do, I'll let you know!!!

xxx Kiwi


Blogger Alette said...

Kiwi it looks like you are having a great time overhere in the Netherlands :) Hope to see you soon :) have a great time at Keetje's :)


2:07 AM  

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