Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hello everybody, I arrived safe in The Netherlands last week.It was a short trip from Germany to here. My host gave me a warm welcome. It was a little shock to see what the weather is here. I thought around this time of the year it would be very cold here. But it's not cold at all. Some days it's even above the 20 degrees. My host said that she doesn't understand it either. And she's a little bit sad about it, because she wants to see snow. Well, my host has a busy live, so I made it myself comfortable. When she was at school I looked through her perfumes. It all smelled lovely :):)

I also watch everyday to the cards on the door. What beautifull cards. I even saw a brother of mine on a card. It feels like home when I see all those cards, especially the New Zealand card :)

My host made me a bed on the first day of my arrival. I can sleep above her in my very own bed. But sometimes when I'm a little bit scared or lonely, I sleep next to my host. She doesn't mind at all, lucky me :)

Well, my host promissed me to take me out soon, and when we do, I'll let you know!!!

xxx Kiwi

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A trip to Sassenach's mums house and to 'Frankfurt am Main'

On Thursday my host told me we were making a "roadtrip" to Rheinland-Pfalz where her mother lives and the next day to Frankfurt.She packed a lot of stuff, a big brown travelers-bag, 2 boxes for her cats (I hated that they joyned us!!) and some this and that!

We drove 4 hours from Bavaria to Rheinland-Pfalz and I had a nice place near the window so I could watch the landscape and it was very interesting!(LINK:NOTE, Christine will post the link in the comments as it was so long it made the display of the page go all weird: look in the comments for the link, cheers)If you click the link you can see the route we drove that day and it has been 361 km!When we arrived I was welcomed by Katrins mom and her sister and I was glad we brought the cats to a friend of the family so I didn't have to see them.As Katrins mom likes making sudokus she asked me if I would like to try it! I was very good at this even if it was my first time!!

After a short night and a huge breakfast in the morning we drove to Frankfurt am Main because Katrin had a appointment at a doc.First it was very stupid because we had to wait very long until we got out there again, but then we went to a italian restaurant called "Dick und Doof" where we had acoffee and a very very good tomatoesoup and some hot spaghetti checca!

After this we drove home again and I decided to have a seat on Katrins aunts legs so I had a better view on Frankfurt but it was getting dark very soon!

It was great to see the Frankfurt Airport with all these lights on and how you could watch the backlights of the cars there!

We went to bed very early this evening and the next day at 2 o'clock we met Katrins best friend and her cousin at the "Bahnhofscafe" where handicapped persons can work and sell selfmade art!It's a very nice place where you can sit for hours and talk!

In the evening we where invited to the birthdayparty of Katrins grandma in a german restaurant where I met here and the boyfriend of Katrins mom who liked me very much and wanted asouvenir picture which I would like to show you!

And I also want to show you a pict of Katrin (on the right), her sister Mareike (in the middle) and her mom (left)!

On sunday we drove back to the place Katrin lives and as she saw the beautiful view from the highway to the alpes she decided to show you how beautiful the area is she livesand stopped on a parking area and shot some nice pictures for me to remember the time in Germany where I could see those wonderfull mountains every day!

Today, Katrin told me, I will travel on to the Netherland and I am looking forward to reaching the next place to stop!

Friday, November 03, 2006

First snow in Germany

First Snow in GermanyYesterday my host was very upset.. why???Well they had their first snow for this year and she doesn't like it that much!In the moment there is not much free time in Katrins life, so there are not that much trips.. but some will follow.. on the pictures you can see me with the second snow in germany from this early morning!