Monday, October 23, 2006

Kiwi Reached Germany!

Kiwi reached Germany!

Hi.. here is my first Blog report of Kiwis adventure in Bavaria/Germany.. and how it met my cats after the arrival!..Soon you will hear more from us! Yesterday Kiwi was found accidently in my mailbox... why accidently? Well in Germany we usually don't get any post delivered on Sundays so I did not look for it. But when I went outside to call for the cat I recognised some post in the Mailbox! And I saw immediately that there is something special: A packet from Finland with Kiwi inside! I forgot the cat (but she was right behind me) and went back in and opened it.
So far from me.. now Kiwi is telling:

whoooah.. thank to whoever I am out of this dark packet which I was in the last few days. I was welcomed by Katrin in Germany immediately after she freed me. She showed me around her house and introduced me to her cats! At first I was almost scared to death because the smaller of those two tried to fight with me while the bigger one just welcomed me like cats do.

To save me from the little one, which is called "Minous" she showed me a place to sit where I am secure of the the little one and where I am able to see everything that happens in her livingroom! I'm looking forward to what I will see from Germany the next couple of days. Bye Bye..


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