Friday, September 01, 2006

YAAA Finland !

"After Germany and Norway, it's time for Finland! I arrived here on the 24th August. It's been really warm in here, totally opposite what I was expecting! But I don't complain. Because my host Anni is busy with school she hasn't had time to take me to downtown, but she promised that we will go there next weekend.

For the last week I've been just relaxing. I've been sitting outside in the sun and that kind of stuff. I also visited one day my host's friends house, and that was fun.

I noticed one day that I'm not the only bird in the house! My host has two budgies! I wanted to chat whit them, but unfortunately they were afraid of me. My host explained that they're afraid of everything unusual (to them) so I shouldn't let it bother. That's a bit shame, but no can do.

This weekend my host will have her birthday party (she will be 16 years old at monday), and some of her friends are coming. We well watch movies and eat cake and sweets and chips and that kind of stuff. Can't wait!"

-Anni (viki-for-you)


Blogger Delila said...

So nice to hear Viki is doing ok again and ofcourse Kiwi is having a great time :)
Just enjoy Kiwi, can't wait to have you overhere :)

Alette ( Delila's mom)

3:34 AM  

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