Monday, July 03, 2006

My first concert

When I woke up I still felt a bit sore in my throat from all the shouting and cheering the day before but a great day was ahead of me. I started out by finally having my picture taken with Julia my host and the necklace I gave to her (she says she really likes it and is proud to have a piece of Maori art now), the result can be seen in the picture.

In the afternoon we went to an ice cafe and I enjoyed a bit of chocolate and vanilla icecream from a straw. They really make some good ice cream in Germany and I'm really happy it's summer... So good, and cooling down nicely - it really is warm over here! Hm, and I really like ice cream - we have to try that back home in New Zealand as well!

After we had finished we went to a concert. I was really excited - a hip hop concert to celebrate the 550 year jubilee of Sileas university! The concert was on campus, all newly refurbished and full of beautiful old houses. It's amazing to see that even normal buildings in this town can be older than the country New Zealand itself! ( of course I mean since European settlement )

The band playing was German hip hopper Denyo, apparently rather famous in Germany and the atmosphere was fun, even though it wasn't as full as expected because there was still football on. The was security on the entrance to campus and they really though, Julia was going to throw me on stage, when they saw me in her bag... how could they get that idea? I was a bit worried but luckily no.

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Blogger Alette said...

How wonderful to read all the things you do in Germany Kiwi. This is sooo cool. Hope you have a nice time in Germany and can't wait to see what else is going to happen :)

Big hug Alette

3:59 AM  

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