Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kiwi's new adventure

I finally know it. I am so excited - what a lucky Kiwi I am! Julia took me on a flight to Norway where she will spend the summer and for once I wasn't in a dark bag where I couldn't see anything but in her hand luggage so I could even look out the window during the flight! I was very excited at the airport and I only knew where I was going when I had my picture taken with the board!

I was sitting at the window during our flight - what a phantastic view that is to fly northwards in summer. The light stripe on the horizon is the midnight sun further north that you can still see rests of in the air. It looked amazing so I couldn't stop watching! I am very excited what the next days will bring even though Julia said that I couln't stay much longer but I will have a few days in Norway before I move on to Finland.

Hilsen fra Norge og ha det godt,



Blogger Delila said...

Hi Kiwi,

Wow you really had a great travel to Norway. I know my mom is going there this October without me that is :) Cause I'll be on the other site of the world :)
Love your photos though, you see a lot. I'm in Finland at the moment, mom already updated my blog, have been to an athleticstadium, really cool.
Please have a look at my blog, happy travelling

hilsen fra Delila ( hihi I know some Norwegian words too)

12:44 AM  
Blogger Delila said...

He Kiwi how are you doing these days? Are you having a good time?


1:31 PM  

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