Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I travelled to Berlin!

Hi everybody, I suppose it is time for a little update on my whereabouts in the last days. This time I was taken to Julias hometown of Berlin! It was just a short stay though, and a mad one as well with all the football around - it was the weekend of the finale!

I travelled on the S-Bahn, almost alone - I was very pround of that! And I found a very good seat to have some nice view out the window while travelling - far better than all that travelling in platic bags and parcels!

In Berlin we went shopping on Schlosstra├če, one of the large shopping streets of the city. But before we even got there I saw such a funny thing from the bus, so we had to get out two stops early. Can you see it in the picture, I found Berlins KIWI pub! How cool is that? A pub just for us Kiwis - well I guess they let in others as well... Unfortunately it was closed so I couldn't get inside but at least I could have a look from the outside and have my picture taken - can you spot me?

The shopping centre was very full, all those people going shopping and using the extra opening times - I was really happy to be packed closely in Julia's rucksack. But then she had to get me out once - to hear my opinion on her favourite band Muse's new CD. Those headphones really were huge but the album is great.

Afterwards we moved on to Potsdamer Platz were the last Germany game was already being anticipated - we didn't stay for it but the atmosphere was great. I got to see a few bits of New Berlins skyline - futuristic and really high!


Blogger Delila said...

Wow Kiwi how cool almost on your own on the subway :) love the photos which are taken of you everywhere. And the Kiwi pub looks cool, sorry it was closed. Would have been great huh when it would have open :)


9:04 PM  
Blogger Delila said...

How is Kiwi doing at the moment? Is he already on his way to the next host?


1:46 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

HI delila,
Im not too sure. I havnt heard from his present host for a while and I think she has gone to Norway. Perhaps we will soon have some pics of Kiwi in Norway to look foward to.

3:50 PM  

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