Sunday, July 02, 2006

Football Madness

So, now I've been in Germany for a few days I got to know a bit more of the country. I think I came here the best possible time. The whole country is mad about football, the worldcup seems to be everywhere, from public viewings, to souvenirs, flags on cars and people wearing footie shirts (I hope not the same...) for 4 weeks. All the shops are full of football merchandise. I like the Hawaii-necklaces, I might get one if they make it to the final.

We went shopping before the match - I think I got a bit overexcited with all those flags but it was great fun!

Naturally, I let myself be swept a bit away by all the atmosphere, and couldn't wait for the game Germany-Argentina on friday to start. I even got myself some fan kit,

and was very excited to watch with my host Julia alias Sileas, her friend and fellow postcrosser Kathleen/Charyshia and flatmate Ulli. What a thriller! I think my heart missed a few beats when it came to penalties.

After the game I was so excited I even had my picture taken with Miroslav Klose. It was quite an experience after the game. All the cars with flags in the street, beeping horns... Julia said she was going to take me to Berlin, if Germany reaches the final - I hope she keeps an eye on me so that I don't get lost.

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