Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kiwi's new adventure

I finally know it. I am so excited - what a lucky Kiwi I am! Julia took me on a flight to Norway where she will spend the summer and for once I wasn't in a dark bag where I couldn't see anything but in her hand luggage so I could even look out the window during the flight! I was very excited at the airport and I only knew where I was going when I had my picture taken with the board!

I was sitting at the window during our flight - what a phantastic view that is to fly northwards in summer. The light stripe on the horizon is the midnight sun further north that you can still see rests of in the air. It looked amazing so I couldn't stop watching! I am very excited what the next days will bring even though Julia said that I couln't stay much longer but I will have a few days in Norway before I move on to Finland.

Hilsen fra Norge og ha det godt,


Greifswald and my goodbye-party cont'

We had a little goodbye-party before I left, along with fellow postcrossers Kathleen (Charyshia) and Delia (Sunnih). We had a barbecue in the garden, I almost felt at home if it wasn't for their slight incompetence with the grill... we managed to burn a little whole in the table - oops...

I even sat on a see-saw although it didn't quite work - I suppose I didn't eat enough before. Now I am really looking forward to what is ahead of me.

Greifswald and my goodbye-party

I had a blast in this town - it was fun to see the town and meet Julias friends. On my last day in town she took me around once more to show me the sights. I managed to take some pictures of the town and I still cannot believe I was so lucky to get them in such great light! You can see the market square with the red town hall

then the giant mediaeval church of St Marys

and finally the museum harbour with some of it's ships in it.Julia still won't tell me where she is taking me but she has paked a huge rucksack to travel (hope I find space in it...).

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I travelled to Berlin!

Hi everybody, I suppose it is time for a little update on my whereabouts in the last days. This time I was taken to Julias hometown of Berlin! It was just a short stay though, and a mad one as well with all the football around - it was the weekend of the finale!

I travelled on the S-Bahn, almost alone - I was very pround of that! And I found a very good seat to have some nice view out the window while travelling - far better than all that travelling in platic bags and parcels!

In Berlin we went shopping on Schlosstraße, one of the large shopping streets of the city. But before we even got there I saw such a funny thing from the bus, so we had to get out two stops early. Can you see it in the picture, I found Berlins KIWI pub! How cool is that? A pub just for us Kiwis - well I guess they let in others as well... Unfortunately it was closed so I couldn't get inside but at least I could have a look from the outside and have my picture taken - can you spot me?

The shopping centre was very full, all those people going shopping and using the extra opening times - I was really happy to be packed closely in Julia's rucksack. But then she had to get me out once - to hear my opinion on her favourite band Muse's new CD. Those headphones really were huge but the album is great.

Afterwards we moved on to Potsdamer Platz were the last Germany game was already being anticipated - we didn't stay for it but the atmosphere was great. I got to see a few bits of New Berlins skyline - futuristic and really high!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My day at the beach

This week Julia and her friends took me to the beach at Eldena. It’s about 5 km away from the town centre and they walked so I was very happy to hitch a ride in Julia’s bag. The sea bath is in a secluded corner of the Baltic Sea, in a bay between the island of Rügen and the coast. It is not actually a real beach there, although it looks like one now. 30 years ago or so local authorities decided they would like to have a beach of their own. So what they did was scraped some sand off the bottom of the sea and took it to the nearest stretch of the coast. This is the reason why there are so many sea-shells in the sand, but it doesn’t matter, still a nice place to spend a hot day. I sat in the sand and watched the people go swimming. A strange thing this – people put on bathing suits and go into the water and start screaming because it is cold. Then they come out of the water again and start complaining how hot it is. I preferred to sit in the dunes and tried to get a tan – do you think it worked?

After so much relaxation it was time again for some culture. I was taken to the ruin of Eldena Monastery, the place where Greifswald began in 1199. There are just some old walls but they look very pretty and there are lots of big old oak trees that make the ruin look more like a park. I did some sight seeing and then opted for the tourist thing to do – I got my picture taken in front of the ruin. Look at me there! I’m curious where my next trip will take me.

And finally I'd like to day HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag to my friend Christine who celebrates today - Sunday 9.7. - I hope you have a great day and a nice celebration! Kiwi

Monday, July 03, 2006

My first concert

When I woke up I still felt a bit sore in my throat from all the shouting and cheering the day before but a great day was ahead of me. I started out by finally having my picture taken with Julia my host and the necklace I gave to her (she says she really likes it and is proud to have a piece of Maori art now), the result can be seen in the picture.

In the afternoon we went to an ice cafe and I enjoyed a bit of chocolate and vanilla icecream from a straw. They really make some good ice cream in Germany and I'm really happy it's summer... So good, and cooling down nicely - it really is warm over here! Hm, and I really like ice cream - we have to try that back home in New Zealand as well!

After we had finished we went to a concert. I was really excited - a hip hop concert to celebrate the 550 year jubilee of Sileas university! The concert was on campus, all newly refurbished and full of beautiful old houses. It's amazing to see that even normal buildings in this town can be older than the country New Zealand itself! ( of course I mean since European settlement )

The band playing was German hip hopper Denyo, apparently rather famous in Germany and the atmosphere was fun, even though it wasn't as full as expected because there was still football on. The was security on the entrance to campus and they really though, Julia was going to throw me on stage, when they saw me in her bag... how could they get that idea? I was a bit worried but luckily no.

-- Can't Do It In Real Life? Do It On

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Football Madness

So, now I've been in Germany for a few days I got to know a bit more of the country. I think I came here the best possible time. The whole country is mad about football, the worldcup seems to be everywhere, from public viewings, to souvenirs, flags on cars and people wearing footie shirts (I hope not the same...) for 4 weeks. All the shops are full of football merchandise. I like the Hawaii-necklaces, I might get one if they make it to the final.

We went shopping before the match - I think I got a bit overexcited with all those flags but it was great fun!

Naturally, I let myself be swept a bit away by all the atmosphere, and couldn't wait for the game Germany-Argentina on friday to start. I even got myself some fan kit,

and was very excited to watch with my host Julia alias Sileas, her friend and fellow postcrosser Kathleen/Charyshia and flatmate Ulli. What a thriller! I think my heart missed a few beats when it came to penalties.

After the game I was so excited I even had my picture taken with Miroslav Klose. It was quite an experience after the game. All the cars with flags in the street, beeping horns... Julia said she was going to take me to Berlin, if Germany reaches the final - I hope she keeps an eye on me so that I don't get lost.

-- Can't Do It In Real Life? Do It On