Friday, June 16, 2006

Checking out where I'm going

WOW, Hi everyone. I've just been scrolling through the responses on the postcrossing thread about my adventure and I sure cant wait to come and spend time with you all.
So far, I'm heading off to Germany, then Finland, Back to Germany then on to the Netherlands. From there I go to Iceland! then to the UK and then on to the USA and canada. I'm hoping to make it to Malaysia and then my final stop will be in Australia before heading back home. I'm getting butterflies in my tummy and no I didnt eat them. Nerves I guess, oooh I sure do hope I dont get lost somewhere in transit!
But I'm sure all the wonderful people on will look after me. See you all soon !


Blogger Alette said...

Looking forward to having you here Kiwi. Will make the sparebed for you. An ofcourse we will take you on a little tour through town and the neigbourhood :)


6:58 AM  
Blogger mistyeiz said...

i think this is an AWESOME idea! very cute n original. :) i hope you dont get kiwi-napped! ;)

have fun...;)

~yvy~ @ mistyeiz

7:44 PM  

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